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The Future of Blockchain Venture Capital

The White Whale Capital Group is a highly-regarded investment company. We work with internationally-focused venture funds and venture builders. Jointly, we work to design the creation and scaling of technology start-ups. White Whale Capital is one of the leader in the blockchain venture industry. Over the last years, we have successfully managed dozens investments across varying stages in companies, protocols, geographies and asset types.

Extensive Experience in Nascent Industry

We have a team of notable, active and prominent blockchain industry investors. Due to the fact crypto markets never slow down, we can focus on our deep research and development of innovative investment frameworks 24/7. Although the blockchain industry is nascent, we have utilized multiple bear markets, implemented numerous business models. All this alongside the development of one of the longest successful track records the industry has seen to date.

Irrational Market, Rational Investors

At White Whale Capital, we perform our due diligence. Our team examines and researches, giving us thoughtful insight into a myriad of use cases under all market conditions. It’s an approach that adjusts risk and reaches across asset types, geographies and stages. Blockchain technology cannot be a one-all solution for every application but, when it is the solution, it has transformational power.

Strategic Partners

In an effort to constantly provide the finest services a client could need, White Whale Capital stays on the prowl for invigorating and fresh business models in traditional markets. We consistently attain rapid project launch speeds due to venture partners who share their builder team’s desire for open innovation. And, let us assure you, we’re not simply using buzzwords. We want to have the latest methods for providing a seamless and quick way of resolving issues for those involved in the process. Taking into account the rapid acceleration in which the tech market and its products grow, there is really no time for long discussions about our next step. Pragmatic specialists with a quality expertise who are ready to quickly and professionally cover an operation’s entire field are going to be invaluable assets. And that’s White Whale Capital. With our background, skill and forethought, we have the ability to work with both portfolio companies and external teams.

our main goal –

Fast But Sustainable Growth For Long Term Success

Who We Are

Crypto Investment Pioneers

When you turn to White Whale Capital, you’ll find yourself working with ambitious, innovative entrepreneurs, all focused on the venture model. In 2017, our team invented the Security Token through the introduction of the BCAP. This was essentially a tokenized, fundraised VC using a security token offering. We bring to the table extensive experience and a network of world-class advisors, entrepreneurs and supporters. Our roster includes over 100 companies and entrepreneurs in the blockchain market. We support our network. We seek out advantageous opportunities for cross-network relationships and communication.

We have had the same portfolio of founders and teams since day one. This means the same hands providing legal resources, managing protocol design and acquiring new users. Our portfolio is always ready for review, to show how we deploy our tools and guidance on recruitment, market insights, growth strategies and more. We team with our portfolio companies. We aim for operational and strategic targets. Through our expansive journeys in technologies, marketing, business development, media and recruitment, White Whale Capital has vast access to tools and guidance on recruitment, market insights, growth strategies and so much more.

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“Blockchain will change the world more than the internet did, lets fund the future!”

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Our Expertise

The Areas of Practice

Results in Numbers

Effective Strategies

You want to leverage migratory talents and their potential enterprise contributions. It’s these best-in-class build solutions that drive economies forward. At White Whale Capital, expect the implementation of investment approaches to start-ups that favor governing by passionate immigrant entrepreneurs who are prepared to share a clear vision and crisp strategy. With a team experienced in all forms of European and Israeli VC market transactions, we have a taste for early-stage revenue-generating projects. We use them to leverage our knowledge base (besides helping others grow their independence). We historically focus on unique verticals in the tech space (retail, education, financial services and enterprise software). We are keen on exploiting opportunities in these areas. Despite our leaning towards early-stage projects, we remain open to investment opportunities involving late-stage projects in the U.S. and those that influence investing in the regions of Sub-Saharan.

Venture Builder

We engineer digital leaders from the ground up. We do so by combining two of our most reliable expertise resources. The first is a fundamental understanding of this market born out of strategic partnerships. The second is the White Whale Capital team’s long experience creating and growing tech organizations. Venture builders, or venture studios, engineer tech businesses from scratch. We give start-ups a clear advantage by putting venture builders on board as co-founders. This tactic stands out compared to significantly thinner chances of any start-up achieving global success if designed by some independent founder.

Developing Concepts

We thoroughly research what entrepreneurs and companies are missing so that we can, in turn, locate industry growth areas. Then we develop technological solutions for those entities. We deploy the industry’s most advanced techniques, methodologies and protocols for developing concepts that give organizations that needed cutting edge. From the start, a founder has to focus on their product. This is where we come in. Our guidance is, in a nutshell, implemented to ensure the founding teams do not get sidetracked and distracted. We are here to manage financial management, marketing, organizational structure, and corporate governance. Anything in fact that might cause a founder to take their eye off the product.

Corporate Networking

We pilot major industry players. This is an essential practice for any B2B start-up in order to prove its product is market fit. Our portfolio companies excel at this, having successfully collaborated with Beeline, DIXY, Rosseti, and Magnit, among others. White Whale Capital has offices in prominent markets. This is ideal for managing our portfolio companies and creating a foothold for greater scaling abroad.

Investing Strategies
Investing Strategies
White Whale Capital Group

Let Your Project Thrive & Succeed

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Project Management

Research And Analytics

Even teams prepared and capable of building the future will need reference points. Finding yourself going in the wrong direction may provide needed insight but not intended results. White Whale Capital pulls out all the stops, using the most efficient research tools to manage different life stages of a product.

Product Development And Marketing

Expect White Whale Capital to build technology brands from scratch. These days, customer acquisition costs are a more valuable commodity to investors versus traditional financial market indicators. Conventional advertising agencies do not lean towards collaborating with young tech companies. Our team has the ability to build versatile brands, as well as sound communication and media strategies that support them.

Organizational design

Expect White Whale Capital to design and build innovative teams. There is no greater asset than the right talent in the right function. It’s critical if you hope to achieve rapid growth. Knowledge in organizational design is instrumental in assembling teams suited to the goals and objectives of the business. White Whale Capital builds maps of innovative companies and finds specialists for start-ups and major organizations alike.

Corporate governance

Expect White Whale Capital to turn start-ups into solid businesses. Having a competent financial and legal infrastructure around a tech product is essential for building a successful start-up. We develop and implement corporate governance principles for external teams. We register technology intellectual property rights. Lastly, White Whale Capital establishes discipline in relation to financial management and budgeting.


You have no greater chance of exceeding your venture fund goals than by partnering with a reputable company like White Whale Capital. Contact us today!

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